Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another win for the morning run

D - 6 miles in 55 minutes 7 seconds

Today's run really felt really slow - and I was choosing not to worry about it. I thought about leaving the stop watch behind... to be honest, it was the blog that made me grab it at the last minute. So, I spent the run dissociating instead of worrying about my running. The result was a slightly slower run than yesterday, but a much happier me (especially at the end when I realized I wasn't, in fact, running ten minute miles like I thought).

I'm glad I went running this morning
The association vs. dissociating with pain while running internal debate has fascinated me a while. When C and i ran the Old Sandwich Road Race (1/2 marathon) together, she asked how I was doing while I was trying to do my best to forget I was running (ie not well). Since then, I've noticed a gradual shift on most of my runs where I start to think about what I'm doing and make conscious efforts to correct anything that seems off (lately my right foot is over-pronating). 

If you're interested:

Hopefully, this will get to the point where the simple phrase "how are you doing" doesn't cause my mind game to fall apart. (but let's not test this any race soon).

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