Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Do you ever feel like you have to juggle things around?

D - Ran 6 Miles in 53:13

I'm pretty happy with my run since I spent my snooze time after my first alarm went off thinking "do I really have to run in the morning or can I put it off...?" The answer was no. I have a double date with Mike, Andrew, and Kelli... ok, not sure why we've started referring to it as a double date - but I'm excited to hang out with them.
1183 days!

Mike started running recently and found he was doing 7 miles with no issues. I'm jealous. It took me months to get up to that. Kelli's run quite a few marathons. Since this isn't a running related dinner (it's a, I got a groupon and need to use it dinner) I'll do my best not to spend it talking about running and boring Andrew to tears.

On a random note - I give C a hard time about listening to her ipod while running. If I ever thought that was distracting, try Joggling.... I will cry if someone passes me in a race while juggling - just saying... Still it is oddly inspirational.

On a side note he's on a running streak (at least one mile a day) of 1183 days!

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