Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Morning run - in the daylight!

D- Ran 6 miles - 53 minutes

I'm pretty sure Sunday's pain was either a result of recovering from being sick or my body not being used to taking two days off in a row. Today, I'm breathing fine, feeling energized, and my morning run was enjoyable. As an added bonus, when I'm up at 6am, it's no longer dark out! That really makes the mornings that much more enjoyable.

This weekend I picked up a new pair of shoes (New Balance 880s). This got me to thinking about the importance of using your local running store. A knowledgable sales person can take the time to find you the right shoe for your running form and physique. Unline big box stores, or online retailors, you can try out the shoes for a short run and see how they feel.
My New Shoes (photo: Zappos.com)

Fleet Feet in West Hartford CT,  Marathon Sports in Cambridge MA and Bay Side Runner in Plymouth MA are great examples of running centered stores. Fleet feet has a great tred mill set up with a video play back so you can see your form (always a great reminder to keep your form in check).

An interesting fact I learned recently - The main difference between men's and women's shoes is that women's have a slightly smaller heal compared to the ball - in case you were ever wondering.

 Thanks to Bob Glover for that tidbit.

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