Sunday, February 26, 2012

To Run or Not to Run

C - 8 miles, 1:17:37

I really wasn't going to run today.  Yesterday I woke up with a scratchy throat, congestion, and general achy-ness.  I (barely) did my push up challenge, completed a morning work obligation that I had at school, came home, took some cold medicine, and completely zoned out in front of the TV.  I had so many things that I was going to get done, but I was so tired that I'm not exactly sure what I was watching on TV.

When you're sitting around feeling drained of all energy, this stuff is amazing...
This morning I woke up late with an even worse sore throat.  I took more medicine and went into zone out mode again.  Somewhere around noon I noticed that it was, in fact, beautiful outside, and I really wanted to go out and get some fresh air.  I strapped on a water belt, with the goal of jogging some and then walking when I was done.  I knew the 8 mile route that I had planned to do, but I had no time goals and no interest in finishing if I was going to feel worse off.  I drank a lot of gatorade and my biggest hurdle to finishing ended up being not exhaustion, but a need to go to the bathroom.

I will not run, I will not run ... (source)
Will I regret this run tomorrow? Maybe.  I've heard before that it's OK to run if you are sick above the neck, but not if you are sick below the neck (ie have a cough, wheezing, etc).  So far my lungs seem fine, and I'd describe today's run more as a gentle "trot."  It felt so nice to move and act not sick.  I'm not sure how I'd explain to a non-runner that I felt gross, so I went for an eight mile run, but I did and, man, did the shower afterward feel amazing :)

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