Monday, February 6, 2012

Just think of it as a 3x5mile

C and D - Ran 14.84 miles Saturday, 3.16 miles (and a bit) Sunday

This weekend was spent celebrating the life of C's Grandfather - who I knew as being amazingly accomplished and intelligent individual who instilled an appreciation of education to his family. Sadly, it wasn't until his passing that I felt that I finally got a glimpse into him as a whole person through family videos and stories. He's left behind an acclectic, motivated and energetic family that anyone would be proud to call their own.

I met with C's family on Friday at the hotel we took over for the weekend. My first thought was that it was a really packed bar for a little hotel in a small town in southern CT, even for a Friday. Then I realized I recognized almost everyone there. I forgot to mention, C's extended family is huge. I'm sure we could have stayed up all night chatting, but we needed to be up at 5:30 in order to get our run in before the services. So, as we were excusing ourselves for an early(ish) bed-time it came up we were running 15 miles. I also may have mentioned my reach goal is to get C down to Boston Qualifying time to one of her relatives... who mentioned it to all her relatives... so, I guess that means she has to do it now! funny how motivation works.
I was really nervous about Saturday's fifteen miler. I've never gone more than 13.1 to be honest - and while I didn't doubt I could do the distance, I was worried about how my body would deal with it after. I remember being a complete grouch after my first ten mile run since high school. I just kept telling myself - its just like the running five miles, then five miles, then five again.

Saturday's run started off with a beautiful sunrise. Unfortunately, it also started off with a distinct lack of sleep and lack of street signs, missing a turn and then some minor panicking, but we found our way back on to the course (apparently only cutting off .16 miles in the process). The nice thing about having two people writing out directions for the same course is when things go awry you have that much more info. We had my screen-shots of the course with written directions, and C's Maps. Once on course we kept up 10 minute miles, enjoyed what was turning out be wonderful weather. I really think Gels make a huge difference in not having distance runs tax my body as much as they used to.

Sunday was a quick three miler that was fun - no getting lost this time. However, C may have been ready to cry why I started picking up my pace right at the end. I was sure we were stopping at the street after Parade street.  She was convinced we were stopping at Parade Street.  She almost caught up to me, but I kept going passed where she thought the finish was. For the record, we were both wrong, and the actual stop was the street before Parade...  I guess we just had to make up that .16 miles we missed out on the day before.

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