Tuesday, November 20, 2012

'Tis the Season.. For Short Races

C- 0 miles (4 miles yesterday)

So my original plan for this week was run 4 miles on Monday, run 2-3 miles today, take Wednesday off, and run a hilly 5k for Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, my plan did not factor in the fact that my butt would still be sore two days after pilates..

File:Pilates 01.jpg
Love pilates, but moves like this one are literally kicking my butt
Did I need to take today off? Probably not, but I'm not currently training for a long race and I really would like to have a decent Thanksgiving day race.  Also, the race will be hilly, so it'd be nice to start without a sore butt.  I am not really aiming for a PR with this one... but I would like to finally crush 23 minutes sometime soon.

So, in order to meet that 5k goal, I had to find another race.

5k #2

I found a promising race in Boston in early December, but it's a bit overpriced.  Still, D kindly agreed that we'll race it when I'm up there, so I'm designating the Boston race my will-break-my-PR race.  More on the December 5k later, but D thinks that a crowded start to the race may be the answer to my running-the-first-mile-way-too-fast inability to pace.

Blue Back Mitten Run logo
Not running this 5k, but D and I ran it last year with some great friends.  I'd definitely recommend it to anyone in the Hartford, Ct area.  It's a great short run to keep you motivated during the winter.

Still not enough races.. 

So two 5ks on the race plan, and I'm already eye-ing another short race.  This is one of the few times of year when D and I aren't training for a long race, and I suppose I get a bit carried away with the small races- but I'm OK with that.  They're fun, easier, and relatively cheap.  Besides, 'tis the season!

A monument to an addiction..
So for another mini-race, I'm trying to find one to ring in the New Year.  D and I ran a wonderful New Years Day 5k by Boston last year (D's description of the Needham 5k is here).  However, this year we're going to be in DC.   So far as I can tell, DC is not as big on the whole New Years Day races thing.  But I did find at least one New Year themed race:


Anyone know anything about 4 mile races? :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Long Time Gone

C- 3 miles (unknown pace- dead watch); pilates

Still running and racing, promise!
Ok, so it has been a long, long time since D or I have updated this blog, and it's my fault.  I've had a lot of change in my life (finished school, moved, new job, etc) and not a lot of time.  Still, D and I have been running through it all, and PR-ing as we go!

It is rewarding to know that after coming back to this blog, we've made progress in our running and are continuing to aim for faster times.  Check out the PR section soon to see some new times and goals.

We're currently deciding on our next 5k and a half marathon.  With any luck, we'll have the 5k out of the way soon, and we can start working on finally breaking the 1:50 barrier in the half marathon.  So watch out!