Friday, February 24, 2012

D - 5 Miles 41:49
Wipers up - I wasn't the only one expecting snow
When I woke up this morning, I was thinking - ok it's going to be snowy, raining and gross. While it wasn't exactly sunny, the temperature was great and it didn't start snowing (just a bit) until after my run. I also thought - ok, I've pushed my miles this week, it will be ok if I have a 'fun run'. Accordingly, I didn't check my watch through the run. My mind kept saying, ok easy day, but my body just kept picking up pace. It felt comfortable, so I just went with it, which made for an amazing run.

For anyone who constantly forgets their route (me), how great would a digital heads up map be? Letting my nerdy side show a little, ever since I read Snow Crash - a dystopian sci-fi novel that is sometimes credited for inspring Google Earth and popularizing the term Avatar  - I've been waiting for a these goggles to actually be created. The idea is pretty simple, instead of a computer screen, you have glasses that display information on a transparent screen. Sure... it could be dangerously distracting (facebook...ahem), but at the same time, how cool would it be to have a real time route set up.

Source: NPR
Even without the cutting edge technology (or even older things like GPS units, and the Nike Plus) technology has already made running so much easier - even since the 90's when I started. There are a host of mapping websites for runners to use (MapMyRun, RunningMap, or my favorite Gmap-Pedometer) that are a far cry from having to drive your routes or use a string and hopefully accurate map to gauge distances. The cotton jerseys have given way to high tech fabric, and instead of having to choose between listening to the radio or a bulky tape players MP3 players seem ubiquitous on runners sleeves (sorry I still refuse unless I'm on a tredmill).

So yes, I think the google glasses will be an awesome piece of technology - but you probably won't see me wearing them anytime soon.

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