Thursday, February 16, 2012

You keep losing so much Gladys

C - 6 (.1?) miles, 53:30

You keep losing so much Gladys, 
You keep losing so much Gladys,
You keep losing so much Gladys, Gladys, Gladys

While D may not be a huge fan of me running to music, I do think that listening to music helps me run faster.  For all of my work-week 6 milers the last two weeks, I've been running to a music mix that starts at 160 BPM (Beats Per Minute) and then "ramps up" to 180 BPM.  I'm not sure if this is technically too fast or too slow for me, as 180 BPM means each foot should be hitting the ground 90 times per minute, and that's a lot of steps.  What I do know is that the accelerating music gets my heart going and makes me want to go faster.  So I'll take it.

A well loved case- I have to carry it now because the IPOD pops out the top as I run
The mix that I've been listening to starts out with a song that has a woman singing You keep losing so much Gladys.  I'm sure this is not actually what she's singing, but there is definitely a "gl" sound in there- so if you tell me she's singing "status" I won't believe you.  Anyway, it's a pretty catchy tune and I've been humming it to myself for the last week straight.

Someone out there is losing a lot Gladys so, um, good luck to you??


  1. Haha, is this a mondegreen?? : )

  2. A huge one :) I still have no idea what the actual words are