Sunday, February 26, 2012

Running in Circles

We mostly had the track to ourselves
D - 6 x 1 miles 

mile 1: 7:50
mile 2: 7:50
mile 3: 7:57
mile 4: 7:53
mile 5: 7:48
mile 6: (stop watch issue - but sub 7:50) 

Andrew- "I don't want to be on your blog" - walks out of photo
The training schedule had the option of a 8 mile run or a 10k (6mile) run. So today, I hit the track in place of the race - the goal was 8 minute miles (30 seconds below my last 1/2 pace). Rather than pushing for increasing my speed, the plan was to get the feel for running my race pace. This is a great was to feel the bio-mechanics without the full wear of doing a tempo run. It was a huge success, aside from some shin splints on mile 3 and 4.

While I miss having my weekly distance run with C, this track workout is a great confidence booster a few weeks to a month before a race.

My roommate Andrew decided to do a few miles as well with me. Running with someone, even if its just the occasional break, helps to break up the the monotony of literally running in circles.

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