All About C

Me after my first half marathon-
maybe not my best shot,
but I was definitely happy!
Welcome! I'm C, a new DC resident, who shares a running addiction with her boyfriend.  I'm trying to cross-train more, but have put off joining a gym because of money and time.  I'm a pescatarian (I eat seafood, but that's it for meat) and I haven't had chocolate in over a decade, though I still find plenty to eat.

My hope for this blog is that it allows D and me to think about our running and have a record of how our training has evolved.  Also, I enjoy reading other running blogs- they allow me to reassess my own running and general approach to life.  If this blog allows you to do that as well - great! - if not, try reading some of the other great running blogs that we've found and have posted on our main page.

D and I are happy to share our thoughts on and experiences with running with you, but we're not health professionals.  I hope that this blog brings a little running joy your way!