Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Running

C & D - Saturday 13.1 miles,  2:04ish
            - Sunday 4 miles, 35:40

Saturday we did our second to last double digit run before the New Bedford Half. It's kind of amazing how quickly it's approaching.

The run, for D, started off really rough. For about 4 miles he had a stiff and somewhat painful hip joint, legs feeling like jello, and knees not working right - he felt about the same as he does at the end of a half-marathon.  It was not a great start to the run.  After a few miles, D felt better, and we were moving at a pretty consistent 9:30ish pace. C then brought up that D had been running with a lot of vertical movement in his step (too much up and down). D hadn't realized this, which brings up a great advantage to running with a partner - having someone to keep an eye on your form.
My water-belt does not like my back

C appeared to be having a good run until we stopped, when we realized her back was getting cut up again by her water-belt... that's an issue we'll have to work on in the future, but for now we got her neosporin until it heals and she's considering the marks a symbols of her toughness.

D got new shoes after the run, which was yet another great way for him to have someone look at his running form. He also picked up a new foam roller - which comes with DVD! It hurts so good.

Rollin' along
The Sunday 4 miler did not turn into a slow recovery run - but went at a really great clip, considering how much D complained during the 13.1 the day before. C won the run (by about 4 seconds) ... but it's not a competition, right?

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