Wednesday, February 1, 2012

push Up Challenge Update

C - 5.1 miles, 45:30 something, push Up challenge
Aside from another day of very warm weather, today's run wasn't particularly eventful.  I'm really enjoying taking Nuuns after these 5 milers because I feel less drained later in the day.  I'm also still daydreaming about compression socks.  I think I may cave.  

Thinking about the obnoxiously colored ones...
I told D a few days ago that I wasn't going to write on the blog about how my push up challenge was going until I reached 10 consecutive push ups.  He said that this meant I would never write about it because I wouldn't want to admit how long it took to get to 10, and I would keep upping the number of push ups I'd have to do before I wrote about it.  I'm sorry to say I'm not at 10 consecutive push ups yet.  However, I did do 7 in a row today, so I guess I'll own up to that :)  After the 7, it was back to the routine of knee push ups - 15x10x15x10x15.  I feel like I reward myself for doing more push ups in the beginning by giving myself tired arms and making the rest of the challenge painful.  Ah well, I'll get to 10 push ups yet.
No contest.  Tri-Berry = much better.

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