Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Gift of Gel

C - 6 miles, 52:34

So I recognize that I probably ran too fast today, considering that D and I have two more days of 6 milers.  However, I was listening to fast music and wanted to move.  Frankly, it felt good to start out faster than I normally do (although I started slowing up by the end).  Sometimes I just need to move - rest of the running week be darned.

I know that D wants me to start timing my miles more, so that I can pace myself.  I'm still trying to reconcile this concept with the whole "listen to your body as you run" thing.  I'm competitive enough that if I have a set time, I'm not going to listen to my body yelling at me to slow down via an IT band spasm or cramp.  I'm also going to resent slowing down if I'm going over the set pace.  Still, running planned mile paces is clearly a useful thing - I'm just not sure I'm ready to do it.  Most importantly, I wouldn't be able to do my random pacing, time be darned runs, like today.

Look D- more gel!

In other news, guess who got more running gel??  My apartment-mate's boyfriend does triathalons, but he decided that he doesn't like using gel (he prefers actual food on the move) so he was going to throw all of his gels out.  Not sure if you can tell D, but there is espresso in there... those are definitely all yours.  If I took just one of those, I'd be jumping off the walls (which is very different from moving forward in a controlled running motion).

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  1. One trick to not over-reaching is to not look at your splits while you're running. Just hit the button and keep moving.