Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Alarm Must Know How I Feel

D - Ran 6 miles - 55 minutes

The last two days have started with me waking up on my own... after I should have woken me up. I use my cell phone - a droid - as my alarm. It was randomly unplugged Monday morning, ran out of batteries and didn't go off. This morning I woke up on my own, just as when I should have been getting back from my six mile run.

Despite a bit of a false start to my day, I have a few things to feel good about.

Running FlagStaff
1. I got around to scheduling an eye doctor appointment. Its good to get a check up once in a while. After all, if you can't see its a lot harder to run. Also, I really need to get new glasses since my old ones were scratched... and I can't find them.

2. I got around to upping my retirement contributions. After all, part of running is that whole life extension things, I guess that also means I have to make sure I have money to register for the Boston Marathon when I'm over 70 and there's a reasonable qualifying time.

3. I ran after work. I really didn't want to, and then there was the king sized pay day candy bar I ate as I was walking home that did not help. But, after some procrastination, I got out and logged six miles. I faded a bit on mile 4, but otherwise held a pretty steady pace of just over 9 minutes.

Its all about getting one step closer to your goals no matter how far off they are.

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