Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Running Love

C - 6 (.1?) miles, 55:43

Hey D- A Runner's World Valentine's Poster for you....
Is this romantic? I think so... Happy Valentine's handsome!
As for my running today, well it wasn't exactly pretty.  Mom, if you happen to read this, please close your eyes and look away until tomorrow's blog :)  

When D and I ran in the Fells on Sunday, it was the first time that I'd really run in the woods.  I enjoyed the whole "jump around rocks and roots and everything" game, but I got tired pretty quickly.  It doesn't help that I'm dating a mountain goat who seems to run faster when you put more hills and obstacles in his way.  Somewhere around mile five or so I got really tired, and instead of bouncing over things, I more or less started barreling into them.  It's not exactly a great running technique and, unsurprisingly, I ended up sprawled out on the trail.  D was worried, until he realized that I was really only concerned about my amazing running pants, at which point he found the whole thing pretty amusing. 

Fast forward to today.  Nothing really hurts, but everything feels beat up and my knees have all shades of gray, green and yellow around them.  It's not exactly conducive to great running.  I'm not showing off my ugly knee, but my left knee gives you the general idea.  Got to love running.
Just a little extra color..

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