Friday, February 10, 2012

On Optimism

D - Ran 6 Miles - 53:32

Yes... C is kicking my butt this week, but I maintain my course is hillier (ok, probably not). I might even challenge her to run my 6 mile course this weekend (I know, I'm not following my own advice). That or we'll head to the Fells if the weather holds up. Despite living just a few miles away from it for over 5 years, I've never made the trip.

Picture taken from Mass DCR
A little while back I got the news that a big weekend project that was supposed to happen in February was pushed back exactly one month. Right on top of the New Bedford Half. I panicked a bit, worried about finding another race. But, after talking to my boss and reviewing our roles that weekend, not only is there not a ton to be done that Sunday, it can be done in the afternoon/late into the night if need be from home. Some things can even be done the next day.

Phew- problem solved.

Then I get an email from C; her big job fair she's been invited to (it's a big deal - so congrats) is Monday, and involves flying to get there. She panics a bit, wondering how she'll race and catch a flight. A quick search, and there are reasonably timed flights that will get her in the night before the fair with plenty of time for sleep and recovery.

The point being - things go wrong with races and training schedules. All of us, as runners, worry about them incessantly. We worry beyond what is reasonable and what we can control. Deep Breath - and save that energy for training and race day. It is probably a good lesson for life in general.
And if that fails, baby pictures will cheer you up

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