Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Willpower - a Finite Resource

C - 6 miles, 54:05, push Up challenge

Gel goodness - thank you D!
For the record, I did almost cry on Sunday when D sprinted past the end point of our run and kept going.  I hadn't realized that I was tired until that moment, when I couldn't begin to process running further.  I don't think that it was the running that wore me out, but the emotional weekend.  The running helped me relax and burn some much needed energy.  Still, it always amazes me how much things external to my running can effect my running. 

During my first semester of finals in graduate school, I went through a two week period where I couldn't run at all.  I budgeted time, walked out onto the sidewalk, and that was it.  I pushed with all the willpower that I had left, but my legs never started running.  All I could do was walk and wonder what the heck was wrong with me.  How my mental game had gotten so bad that I, a perfectly healthy individual, couldn't will my legs to run.   I've gotten a lot better since that experience.  I work hard NOT to stress myself during finals and to make sure that I do other things that are not school related during the day.  As great an idea as it had seemed to listen to school related podcasts during my runs, I have now banished them from my running all together.

Anyway, today was a nice run.  I still don't believe it's winter because the weather is much too nice, but I'll take it anyhow.  I would have liked to move a little faster, but I did an all out extended sprint to make a crosswalk signal somewhere around mile 3, and the experience was much more tiring than I'd expect!

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