Friday, February 24, 2012

Snowy Sidewalks, Runner's High

C - 5.1 miles, 50 minutes

Today's run was wonderful.  I was concerned last night because there was supposed to be cold rain all day today, but I when I looked at the window this morning there was a layer of slushy snow on the ground and very little rain/snow falling from the sky.

The sidewalks weren't clear, so it wasn't easy running (definitely not fast) but it was still beautiful out.  There were tons of people out for the early hour- little kids building snowmen, a group of elderly men with shovels standing around talking, a guy in a suit jumping over little snow piles...

Only snow "running" photo of me I found- running ninja style
Maybe it's because I haven't seen much snow this winter, but it felt great to do some winter running.  Running in snow requires a lot more leg strength and steady footing, and it's less about speed and more about fighting forward with your whole body.  I had such a runner's high when I finished the run, I just wanted to hug someone.  I'm still walking about in a happy, endorphin-induced haze :)

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