Friday, February 17, 2012

Guess Who Just Did 10 Push Ups In A Row???

Lets see what you got babe :)  Source- here.
C - day off, push Up Challenge

It was perfect running weather today - blue skies, forty degree weather, and daffodils were actually starting to bloom.  It was really hard to take the day off, but I'm really glad I did, and it's not because D and I have a 13 mile run tomorrow.  I'm glad because I ended up doing TEN PUSH UPS IN A ROW.

I recognize ten push ups in a row isn't exactly a lot for most people, but before December I had never done one real push up.  After my ten in a row today, I felt like I'd conquered something huge.  In some ways,  push ups are a lot harder for me than running a half marathon.  Besides, running has conditioned me to expect medals, so where is mine?? (jk!)

Kidding aside, it feels great to know I can [barely] do double digit push ups.  I even think I could have gotten in another one or two at the end, but I decided I'd rather finish my daily challenge strong than end up crying during the run tomorrow.  So today was: 10 real push ups x 15 knee push ups x 5 real push ups x 15 knee push ups x 5 real push ups x 15 knee push ups, with no stopping in the middle of the real push ups.  Watch out Michelle, I'll catch up to your 25 push ups yet.

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