Friday, February 3, 2012

D - Day Off

I'm heading to CT this weekend to meet up with C's extended family. So, in addition to a suit, change of clothes for dinner, another for wearing around - I needed to pack running gear. So, last night, I started with the running gear which went into its own dedicated bag. Two pairs of shoes (I'm religious about rotating shoes), a water belt, Gels for C and me, long sleeved runnig shirt, two dry wicking shirts (the white one with a B is from BaySideRunner, an amazing store I found while I was in Plymouth, MA) two pairs dry wicking socks, key holder for shoes, running pants, reflective vest, hat and gloves. This isn't even for a race and seems a bit excessive - but its important to have your creature comforts when out running. As an added bonus, the way this picture lit up with the flash makes me think I'm doing a good job at being a safe winter runner.

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