Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweats Until Boston

D - 6 miles in 52 minutes

Yesterday I was reading Bob Glover's book (I know, big surprise)  - and he brought up an idea for New England runners: If you're running in a spring race when it will be warm, keep those winter sweats on until the race. Your body goes through physiological changes to training while warm - so throwing on shortsleeves when it's fifty means your body won't be primed for running in the high 60s when you have to race. You can read more about the theory on the how2runfast blog

Racing in Sweat Pants: Photo Cred - C's Mom
A great contrast is The Great Running Tight Boycott of 2011. This has been a great winter for that challenge - if I hadn't run in the morning most days. When I woke up this morning and saw it was fifty, I went right for a pair of shorts - forget smart training, its spring in February! Of course, I forgot where I've stored them this winter... so the sweats are still on till a real spring.

I did buy my first pair of running tights last week at Fleet Feet. They had an end of winter sale, where all winter gear was 30% off if the temperature was 30 degrees, 40 if 40 degrees, etc. I happened in on a 40% off day - so I am excited to try them out... but they can keep their tags on if I can get a few more days like this. 

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