Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Dream Is Real

D - 6 miles 55 minutes 44 seconds
Have I expressed how much I love waking up and starting my run while it's actually sunny out? Ok, so I have, but it is seriously amazing to not have to turn on every light in my room to trick my body into thinking it's not really dark out (great trick by the way, if you have a snooze button problem - before you hit the snooze button, turn on a light). Lately, in an attempt to have a less jarring wake up than my default alarm, I've switched to the Inception Kick ringtone... which I think has just resulted in really strange dreams before I wake up.

Today's run was just about where I wanted - easy, but not too easy. I'm feeling a bit beat up after the track work-out, but the random shin-splints that I got on the track went away today.  I'll hope they were a fluke, and I'll continue with the advice my high school coach gave me - if it hurts more when you run, you should stop.

Ok, that wasn't actually his advice - his advice was "push when you go up the hills, hold the speed when you get to the top, use downhills to gain momentum, pass on the flats, and sprint around corners." 

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