Friday, February 10, 2012

4 Cheers for a Cheering Line

C - 6 (.1?); 53:40

Today's pace was actually about the same as the last two days.  I got stuck at two separate long traffic lights right at the end of my run that easily chewed up that extra minute and spit it on to my time. I mention the lights not to be competitive, but because I am amazed how fresh my legs still feel.  I thought this week would hurt more than it has and I appreciate that I still feel strong.

D and me post-15 miles this weekend
Best part of my running week was running by the four older grandmother types whom I passed today.  They got in a single file line along the sidewalk and formed a sort of impromptu greeting/cheering line as I ran by.  It was ridiculously cute.  Everyone should start their day with a grandma cheering section.

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  1. Hello, hello! You guys won the reusable utensils on my blog this week! Please shoot me an email with your contact info so I can send them off to you. :)