Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another win for the morning run

D - 6 miles in 55 minutes 7 seconds

Today's run really felt really slow - and I was choosing not to worry about it. I thought about leaving the stop watch behind... to be honest, it was the blog that made me grab it at the last minute. So, I spent the run dissociating instead of worrying about my running. The result was a slightly slower run than yesterday, but a much happier me (especially at the end when I realized I wasn't, in fact, running ten minute miles like I thought).

I'm glad I went running this morning
The association vs. dissociating with pain while running internal debate has fascinated me a while. When C and i ran the Old Sandwich Road Race (1/2 marathon) together, she asked how I was doing while I was trying to do my best to forget I was running (ie not well). Since then, I've noticed a gradual shift on most of my runs where I start to think about what I'm doing and make conscious efforts to correct anything that seems off (lately my right foot is over-pronating). 

If you're interested:

Hopefully, this will get to the point where the simple phrase "how are you doing" doesn't cause my mind game to fall apart. (but let's not test this any race soon).

Just Keep Swimming

C - 6 (.1?) miles,  57:32, push Up challenge

Considering I'm a sick congested mess, I'll happily take my running time.  I genuinely thought I was running over 10 minutes/mile.  For now I'm adopting the Dori "just keep swimming" method to my running.

Some Random Thoughts 

1.  While I was running listening to Marathon Talk today, I learned that the Chicago Marathon sold out in 6 days.  The guys on Marathon Talk think this means that the race is going to fill really fast next year and they're going to have to start doing a lottery or something.  So D, if you really want to use Chicago as a qualifying race, you're going to have to get on quickly it next year.

2.  I saw a Brittany running alongside a guy on a bike today (I think it's the same dog that I've seen running before).  She was pulling the leash forward as hard as she could because she really wanted to run.  I am seriously in love with that dog.  If I see her again I'm going to ask her owner what type of mileage she's running. 

Based on a quick search, it appears the answer must be a lot ... According to this website "Brittanys are high-energy dogs. They need at least an hour of intensive exercise each day. Without sufficient exercise, your Brittany may become neurotic and destructive."    Is it possible they have too much energy??

3.  I pulled a D and ran with a waterbelt today, and I'm really grateful that I did.  Having fluids when you're running with a stuffy head really helps.