Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You've Got Mail

C - 6 (.1?) miles; 53 minutes 10 seconds, push Up challenge
My final running time for today turned out well, but the run itself just didn't feel that great.  However, waiting for me at home after the run was a whole package of happiness..
I ordered some things on super sale from a running website, but the company sent my package to my parent's house, so I ended up waiting a while to finally get it.  My package finally got here today, and it was brilliant.  First up was a yummy packet of nuun.  I'm going to split the package with D, and hopefully we'll find some more flavors that are as satisfying as the Tri-berry.

Also in the package were a pair of hot pink CEP compression running socks and a cute skirt that my mother added to the box.  The skirt looks awesome and the socks are bold and beautiful, but the socks and skirt together may not make such a great combo...

Too much color? What? 

I've never owned compression clothing before, and I'm excited to wear the socks after long runs.  I'm still getting used to how they feel on.  I'm not sure what I expected the socks to feel like, but I can definitely feel them compressing away (a good sign, right?).  As for the skirt, I'm afraid I'm going to have to wait a little longer before I can wear it out and about.
Stylin'  Try not to get too jealous :)

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