Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Conserving Energy

C - 5.1 miles, 45:30

Yes, I do have to point out the ".1" because it keeps me under D's 9 minute/mile mark.  Truthfully though, I slowed down mid-run today because my upper legs were shaking.  This is not a normal experience for me (my legs are where all my running power comes from) and, usually, if something is going to get tired while I'm running, it's my upper body (I know, I know, I'm working on it).
From our trip to the Olympic museum in Lausanne, Switzerland

I think I need to learn to not go out full force during all my mid-week runs, which is easier said than done.  It's much more fun to go out and push yourself, rather than dragging through the miles.  Generally, 40 minutes of hard running only feels like 5 minutes, while 40 minutes of slow running feels like 40 minutes.  My concern is that I need to start pulling back if I'm going to get to the start line of our half with as much power in me as possible.

D in front of the Olympic museum

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