Monday, February 13, 2012

push Up and Up and Up...

C - no miles, push Up challenge

Ellen Michelle Obama
I will be able to do more than you Michelle! ... someday

So in case you missed it, Michelle Obama can do 25 push ups (of course I think that she could go a little further down!).  I have a lot of respect for our 48 year old first lady's fitness, especially considering that I still haven't done 10 push ups in a row.  What I have done, however, is modify my push up routine to make it a little more intense.  The routine has now turned into - start with as many push ups as possible in a row (7 today), followed by 15 "knee" push ups, 5 regular push ups (although I normally have to stop between push ups before I get to 5), 15 knee push ups, 5 regular push ups, and 15 knee push ups.  Today I ended by doing 5 more regular push ups so that I could tell myself I did more than 20 push ups.  Whatever it takes right?  I may still have a weak upper body, but I am determined to fix that problem. 

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