Saturday, January 28, 2012

Your Speed is . . . Going Down

C - 13.08 miles (yes, the .08 is important) in 2:15, push Up challenge
Lemon Sublime

Today's run was not fast.  I am going to blame some of the time on the excessive number of traffic lights that I somehow managed to fit into my run, however I should have run harder.  Waiting at long traffic lights is a time to gain back energy, so the breaks really shouldn't have slowed me down so much.  I enjoyed the run and I'm sore now, but how did I put all those extra minutes into it?
File:Radar speed sign - close-up - over limit.jpg
Only picture it flashing numbers like "6," and then "5" ...

I had a "lemon sublime" GU during my run and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  I normally prefer Hammer Gels, however I'll take whatever I can get.  I hadn't noticed that I was starting to drag, but the GU really cheered me up, and I began more or less bouncing along side a cemetery.

The most notable part of the run was somewhere around mile 12.  I was tired and running up a hill, and I looked up to see that one of those "Your Speed Is" signs was clocking my run.  Perhaps this is a fun thing if you are speeding up, but I watched it flash a low number, then a lower number, and then an even lower number . . . it was perhaps the most aggravating end to a run ever.  I've never wanted to destroy public property before, but that sign was totally taunting me.

So where do I go from here?  It was one run, I'm not hurt, and I'm going to fight harder on the longer run that D and I have planned next week.  It's not a bad enough time that I think anything is wrong, however it certainly is a motivator moving forward.  Oh, and I am very tempted to go run by that silly sign sometime again this week so I can watch it project progressively FASTER numbers for the world to see.

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