Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sometimes you just need a little push to get you started

D - 13 miles in 2hrs 1 minute 44 seconds.

Today's run was a bit of a big deal for me. I ended it a bit tired, but still smiling and feeling really good about it.
The run started off with decisively loosing the mental game. Thoughts crossing my mind included "my body feels tired" "My legs hurt" "my finger hurts" "can I do 13 miles at a reasonable pace on my own" "I over-dressed" "I ate too much" ... you get the idea. That went on for about exactly 3 miles.
The Charles: Taken this summer on way to work,
also my running route today
Up until the three mile mark, despite my internal wining, I was maintaining 9:30ish splits. At three miles, as I was wondering if I could keep this up, let alone finish the run, I saw two girls jogging together. One of them had stated to slow up, a bit winded. Just as she switched into an actual walk, her friend got behind her, and started literally pushing her forward. They both started laughing and took off renewed.

Today's effort for me was a solo effort. I didn't have anyone playing pacing games with me, and no one would know if I switched to a walk. Some days the internal monologue keeps you motivated and strong, but for me at least, some days it does the opposite. It's nice when it just takes a glimpse of a beautiful skyline, a kid doing the YMCA to himself in a carriage, or just two runners having fun to knock me out of the rut.

So, I  pushed the pace to see what would give and was surprised to find myself in good shape -mentally and physically. I'm sure running along the Charles River on an absolutely beautiful day really helped with the mental game too.

Now, the reason I'm so thrilled with my time - It comes out to a 2:02:40 if I had kept pace for 13.1 miles. That means I was pacing out to beat my first half-marathon time at Old Sandwich Road Race from 2010 (before I broke my foot) on a training run. And, if I can drop a minute per mile on race day, I'll break 1:50 - which would be really amazing.

On today's run I tried the Mocha Cliff Gel - it tasted... like a mocha inspired chocolate bar that melted. It's thicker than Hammer Gels - about the same consistency as GU - just a tad too thick for my preference. Tasted really great though!

Time to attempt to get on with my day. I blew off a birthday celebration at the Museum of Science for this run and can hopefully catch up with them at there next stop.

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