Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Running Places

D - 2 miles 

This week C has my car, but I still had to get to dodgeball... (yes I play dodgeball). So I decided I would just run the mile and a half there. I packed up one of my two new running backpacks, threw on a bunch of layers, hat and gloves (it's 19 degrees out) and jogged there.

The bag I got has this nice frame that pushes the bag out from your back, so you don't trap heat (and sweat) on your back. I can't wait to try it out in the heat this summer.

There is something really fun about running places. I mean, we log miles and miles and miles, literally running in circles, but seldom do runners run to get somewhere. I walk places, bike places, drive places, but never run. I think every runner should invest in a little pack to take with them, and try running (pun intended) an errand once or twice.

It really gives a different perspective on the sport.

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