Friday, January 20, 2012

Trifecta Friday

C - 5 miles, push up challenge

1.  I like running when my energy is back up.  I like it a lot.  Today I pushed myself into accelerating just that little extra bit that makes me feel like I'm moving.  There was ice on the sidewalks, so there was also a lot of decelerating, but overall the run itself was just plain fun and much better than the rest of my runs this week.

2.  I do not like running when it is dark.  I also do not like running when it is kind-of-dark, or becoming dark, or may-at-some-time-in-the-future-be-dark.  Most of this is grounded in the somewhat rational fear of not wanting to be a single female runner alone on the streets at night, however it probably doesn't adequately account for the busy rush hour roads that I ran along side of and their accompanying well lit-sidewalks.  Anyway, I literally zoomed out of work/school today at 4:30pm to complete my 5 miles before it got dark (these silly sunlight hours are your fault Winter).  I'm happy to report - sunshine success! 

My running trifecta.
3. I like to hula hoop.  No laughing! It's a great way to watch TV and get something resembling an ab workout (FLOTUS does it).  My hoop is a little noisy, so I don't hula quite as much as I'd like.  I also don't borrow my roommate's roller as much as I should.  I have to really press all my weight on the roller to get anything out of it, and I just don't seem to feel it as much as most people (yes, I expect D will read this and attempt to reteach me this weekend- love you babe).  However, if I have this problem, I suspect people with low BMIs (elites?) must really not get as much out of it either (of course their muscles are probably so tight that they get plenty of pain anyhow).  Finally, my Bosu rocks.  It lets me work on leg/ankle strength and doubles as a trampoline.  Clearly this makes it the most important piece of the trifecta.

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