Thursday, January 26, 2012

Body Issues

D - Ran 5 miles: 44:41

Well, it looks like both C and I will be having posts featuring body issues. Ok, not the weight issues or aging body issues but the unexpected IT band feeling funny or catching a dodgeball weird and spraining your pinky finger. Yeah, that happened Tuesday night to me. I was told to ice it, so I figured a metal splint and 37 degrees running would take care of that. 

It felt great for the first ten minutes or so, but the metal got really cold really fast. I was starting to fret how I was going to run without freezing it off until I came up with a pretty simple solution that I'm a bit embarrassed to admit took so long... putting the splint outside the glove....

Anyway, the run felt like it was really slow, but when I hit the five mile mark I was pleasantly surprised. For feeling tired, and not checking splits, I'm very happy with keeping it just under 9 minute miles. Its too close to our 13 mile run this weekend (who wants to tell C it's 13 not 12 ...) 

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