Tuesday, January 10, 2012

 C and D - ran .... in ....  (C - push up challenge) * Santa Fe

So we ran somewhere between 45 minutes and an hour through the back yard of D's sister's place, which we had hiked the day before to an altitude above 7500 feet. If you ever want a really good work out, the mountains surrounding Santa Fe with just a little bit of snow will kick your butt into shape. We climbed some pretty serious hills, jumped stream beds, treked through snow, contemplated what type of dog or coyote could leave a paw print quite that size and stared down a territorial dog or three. All this, and we managed to not get lost.
Sadly, this was our last day in the hills of Santa Fe,

but the proud new parents of JE (who is doing very well according to his doctor) are looking forward to some time as a family and to getting some sleep. We left after our run, and we headed out across the state to Arizona. There, we stopped at the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert National Park. Despite our amazing back country exploration that morning, we couldn't help but to keep thinking that it would have been amazing to do our runs around here. There are so many little trails you can go out on for a mile or so, and the views are staggering. Sadly, we arrive with only an hour and a half to explore the 28 mile road the runs through the park, but we still made the most of it.

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