Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tempo run

D - 5 miles in 42:02 complete with runners high

I still have so many photos from my trip left to use 
As I started out today I was feeling really comfortable, so I turned the last 4 miles into a tempo run (running at race pace for a shorter distance). Without really checking for mile splits I ended up doing a great half marathon paced run. The first mile was in 8:54, so that works out to a 8:17 average min/mile pace for the last 4 miles. I ended feeling strong rather than tired, so lets hope that I can keep this pace (works out to a 1:48 half marathon)  up in March.

This week in the training schedule is one of my favorites. After a long run this weekend (12 miles) we have four days of five mile runs followed by a day off on Saturday then 10 miles. The purpose of this week is to reduce the wear of a long weekend run, while at the same time bringing our overall mileage up a bit. A very smart way to add mileage. Its also a chance to mix up the tempo since I don't have to worry as much about recovering for the long run.

I really can't emphasize enough how much having a running plan (we use Bob Glover's plan) but there a ton of great ones out there. Jeff Galloway has one online , and Cool Runnings has one for all levels (they also have my favorite beginner runner's plan, the couch to 5k plan). Aside from keeping you motivated a good plan switches up your runs, allows you to push your self hard some weeks, but tapers at times to allow for recovery before making another push.

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