Monday, January 16, 2012

And We're Back

D - Ran 5 miles - 45 minutes
The run felt really good, and it's a good feeling to have planned ahead to skip the rain.

Here are a few highlight photos from the end of our trip. It consisted of a 6 mile run in flagstaff, 2 days staying on the Grand Canyon (2 long hikes and a 4 mile run along the canyon rim), and a 12 mile (maybe 13 with stairs) run along the Vegas strip (thank you C for coming up with all of our running maps!) 

Well, here they are!
Running the flat but very pretty Buffalo Park

Well, flat except for the very end, where a small dip at 7,400 feet altitude felt like a mountain 

Hiking the canyon, C staying as far from the edge as possible

but she hiked both days, and we made it pretty far down

after a day in the canyon we enjoyed some amazing views
I'm really starting to love running with a camera

yay vegas

After a week out west, our skin felt like that turtle looks. Bring lots of water when running out here!

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