Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday Dinner and 10 miles in the Snow

C and D - Ran 10 miles in the Snow. 

C and I had a very relaxing day off on Saturday which was great considering what we had in store for us today.  Today we had a ten mile run, which I was really looking forward to. I enjoy long runs, but in the shape I'm in, over ten tends to get very tiring by the end. Less than ten doesn't really feel like a distance run. So for now, its the ideal distance. However, our 2012 is not ready for me to have a comfortable distance run quiet yet. In Boulder we had a 10 mile run that was interrupted for photo ops and issues with running at a higher altitude than we're used to. In Vegas we had what was probably a mile of unanticipated stairs in the middle of our runs. Today was the joy of New England running in January - namely snow. We managed to stay on task logging ten minute miles while puddle hopping, avoiding ice and sludge, and trudging through a few inches of un-shoveled sidewalks (grrrrrr).
We got back thinking "that wasn't so bad" ... until we started to feel the wear in our legs and back. Snow running really is quite the exercise on our stabilizer muscles. Maybe pushing our training (and increasing our mileage) through the winter will be the key for us break through our PRs.
After our run, C immediately cranked out her Push Up challenge while I supportively sat on the Bosu ball and put on Big Bang Theory. Then it was time to relax before heading to my parents for a belated birthday dinner which ended with this fabulous fruit covered cheese cake. The fruit makes it healthy, right?
Well, now I'm back in Boston, after my fourth (can you believe it, FOURTH) weekend in a row with C. We may have beaten this record, but its been a while. This week we get to look forward to a 6 mile run, then two five mile runs in what should be beautiful weather!

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