Sunday, January 29, 2012

All kinds of running (videos)

C - 4 miles, 35:33

I really enjoyed today's run.  My legs were a somewhat fatigued, but it was a good tired and it felt nice to loosen them up with a (little) bit of speed.

Before I went running today, I watched some youtube clips of various types of impressive runners.  I'm attaching three very different examples below.  I like to see how different runners push themselves to the limit and how they enjoy the sport.

The first clip is of the famous Kilian Journet.  If you're not familiar with him, he's a trail runner who is known for absolutely dominating trail mountain races.  He's an interesting person, and if you want to learn more about him, there is some information here.  As you can tell by the clip below, he doesn't exactly share my fear of heights.

The second clip is actually a Navy SEAL's Ironman training video.  My favorite part of the video is watching his agility on the bars, and seeing how much control he has over his body.  The man is really part monkey or something...

The final video features cheesy music, so be forewarned.  Still, it gives you a sense of Team Hoyt- a father-son ironman team.  The son has cerebral palsy, so the father swims while pulling the son on a dingy, runs while pushing the son on a wheelchair, etc.  The son loves to compete and his enjoyment is easy to see.  I was crying by the end of the video. (Oh, and D, if we do end up running New Bedford, guess who else will be there- Team Hoyt)

Three clips and I didn't include any Olympic-type athletes.  I'm guessing we'll probably have a lot of that this summer with London 2012.  Finally, a link for D, who loves to cook.  A Runner's World blog on the runner's pantry list.

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