Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to grow your running legend- don't correct people

C - 6 miles, push Up challenge

The six miler today felt good, though I can't report a time because I forgot my watch (and didn't want to go back inside to get it once I'd finally gotten myself outside).  I know the run was under 60 minutes, but I'm not sure how far under.  I'm hoping it was a decent time because my legs are more tired today than they were after the ten miler on Sunday.

OK, fine, this has never happened to me, but I feel her pain!
The sun was out, the temperature was up, the puddles were big, and my jumping abilities were put to the test.  I ran a relatively new route and I lost my directions somewhere along the way, but fortunately I guessed the last few streets correctly.  I loved seeing everyone out enjoying the sunshine, though I do think the girl running in a small white tank top was a little too ambitious.

Does this count as running? or toward running legend-ness?

I had a fellow classmate tell me today, "I saw you running in the sleet not that long ago.  It was crazy."  I'd totally love to take credit for being a crazy runner, but I honestly can't remember the last time I ran in sleet . . . or even rain.  Still, if someone wants to start telling stories of my running awesomeness, I certainly won't correct them!

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