Monday, January 23, 2012


D - Day off - and judging by my legs, needing it!

C should really check out RunKarlaRun's challenge this year. She's going to do a disney half in both Disneyland and Disney World. In addition to running at Disney (which C wants to do), you also apparently get an extra medal if you complete two races within one calendar year. C loves her medals. Thank you SSWAFN for linking to Karla's blog.

Also, in a very belated response to a pervious post by C about a unique Gatorade that was lime and cucumber flavored we found in New Mexico. It's called Limon Pepino and I really thought I had made a mistake buying it at first taste. However, being thirsty enough I tried another sip, then another, then found I really enjoyed it. Now i've been thinking about it for weeks and really can't wait to start the hunt for it in Boston. I'm not the only one growing obsessed with this flavor, there is actually a Facebook Fan Club for Limon Pepino Gatorade! Ok... so I shouldn't be surprised since there is also a shamwow ad fan club too...

I'm still wondering why its not listed on Gatorade's website...

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