Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chai & Chobani

C - 5 miles; push up challenge

Ms. mix-a-lot here, back from another 5 miler.  My legs still feel tired, so I ran slowly again today.  In fact, my push up challenge actually felt easier than my run today (trust me, that's saying something).

No smoothie photo tomorrow, promise.
When I'm feeling energized, I'll time my run and play speedy music to pump myself up.  When I'm tired, the goal is to go the distance without getting injured or ruining the rest of my running week.  On days like today I listen to podcasts, which keep me entertained and prevent me from focusing on how tired I am.  However, it's also really hard to start sprinting when you're listening to a Planet Money podcast, so beware.

New Chobani flavor- more exciting than it should be!
Today, I'm focusing on what I eat everyday.  In addition to smoothies, I love having chai and Chobani (I'd say greek yogurt, but I really only eat the one brand).  Overall, I'm happy that I have the daily Chobani, but I'm not happy that I'm so dependent on chai.  Once and a while it's great, but it's a lot of sugar and empty carbs to consume everyday.   I'm not ready to stop drinking it everyday, but I'm thinking about it.  The first step is admitting to the problem right?  I'd Wiki that, but in a world with SOPA/ PIPA looming, it can't be done today.

PS - D, there are 60 days until the New Bedford half.  Just saying!

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