Tuesday, January 31, 2012

But It's January! I Have to Wear a Billion Layers..

C - 5 miles, 46 minutes

My stomach was little off before today's run, so I'd like to say that I took it slow.  Really, I went about as fast as my body was interested in going and no faster.  It was over 50 degrees outside, but it's January, so I felt obliged to still dress as if it was winter.  Maybe next time I'll actually acknowledge that you don't have to wear warm winter pants and a bulky top to run when pedestrians on the same sidewalk are rocking t-shirts.

Maybe my car is just getting revenge?
 On a completely unrelated running note, my car is being stubborn and insists on pricey visits to the mechanic every two months.  I've tried to explain the whole "student loans" thing to it, but really my car is pretty needy.  Still there was an upside to today.  When some women have rough days their boyfriends give them flowers or chocolate, but D knows me better.  Guess who got more energy gels?? :)

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