Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh D, This Vacation WILL be Relaxing

C - 3 miles, slow

Trip Goal- find as many smoothies as possible.

So I know D just wrote about all the crazy stuff that we're going to do on our trip, but I still think this trip can and will be relaxing.   For example, I'm trying to plot out most of our running routes ahead of time, so we just have to get out the door and go.  Besides, how are you supposed to relax if you sit in one place with nothing to do all day? :)

One of the places that D and I will be running during our upcoming trip is Vegas.  In fact, we’re supposed to do a 12 mile run while we’re there, and we’re hoping to do it on the Strip.  Insane? Possibly.  Neither of us have been to Vegas before, but at least one blog suggests that we will survive the experience.  I got to work last night following the google maps “walking guy” up and down the strip, trying to figure out how we’ll make the experience 12 miles.  I think I did it, but if D and I end up running in the middle of the desert, Vegas was his crazy idea (love you D!).

A good running route? Photo by Matthew Field,
(thank you Wikipedia)

However, before we run in Vegas, we need to run 10 miles in Boulder.  We don't know Boulder either.  While it may be a running mecca, it's still not easy to figure out where to run in a new city.  I just sent D a possible route, based on this site, but the route I made is just loopy enough to guarantee we'll get lost.  If anyone knows any great 10 milers in Boulder, let me know.  Otherwise, D, I hope you're looking forward to running a leisurely 10 + at altitude!

Please let it look like this when we're running.  Maybe we'll forget that we're at altitude. . .
P.S. Congrats to D's sister and husband!! (and D!) I'm psyched to meeting J.E. this week!!

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