Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why I like to run in the Morning

D- take one "9 degrees, I'm going back to bed"
     take two - 5 miles without a watch. 

The best part of scheduling runs for the morning is that if you miss your run, you have all day to make it up. If I plan on running after work, and get stuck there late, or am not feeling good, there is no time to make it up. If the plan is to get up at 6am only to discover its 9 degrees out, you can check the weather and wait till later on in the day when it warms up to 21 degrees.

Our upcoming trip! - stay posted for updates
After this "winter" so far, I can't believe I just wrote the phrase "when it warms up to 21 degrees". I was just using a hat to wipe up sweat on my new years run - now its being used to keep my head warm!

I need to get some sleep, some packing and one more run in before C and I head off on our epic journey to the West. We will really be putting the "distance" back into a distance relationship - over 1,185 miles by car and 38 miles running in four different states. Who says vacation has to be relaxing. 

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