Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finding the Hastings Mantra

C - nothing?

Smoothie happiness
 As predicted, today is cold and rainy, and I have done 0 miles and 0 push ups.  Instead, I'm back to gray skies and blueberry-banana-strawberry-pineapple smoothies.  It's a tough life.

Amy Hastings
Photo by: Victah Sailer
Photo Run
Speaking of smoothies, I was unable to find enough smoothies to meet my smoothie challenge for our trip, but D and I did discover some delicious Midwestern beer.  We also found out that Nuun is a good pick-me-up when hiking the Grand Canyon and that the crazy lime flavored Gatorade we found is always good (I wish I could remember the flavor name- maybe D will?).

Finally, I've been thinking about Amy Hastings' amazing Olympic trials effort.  I love that she kept pushing herself, even when she knew she wouldn't qualify.  While I can't imagine running at her pace, I'd like to bring more of that attitude to my running.  Sometimes on short runs with D, I'll feel discouraged when he starts to break away.  I don't give up, but I should keep pushing myself to accelerate even when he's out of range.  I need to tell myself to run like Hastings.  Call it the Hastings mantra.

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