Monday, January 9, 2012

C and D - Ran somewhere around 3 miles of gorgeous city-side trails along a beautiful spring AND met J.E.  * Boulder
The man of the hour! A future runner? 

 Running vacations rock. Yesterday we were skirting the mountains - today we ran the valley. With even a short run, we ended up seeing a big chunk of town. Some of it was literally feet from where we went out last night, but running we saw a different side of it. Parts of it we wouldn't have thought to explore just to go for a walk.

The sun was out, the skies were blue, and there were only two things slowing us down - icy ground and picture taking.  Both conditions are demonstrated by the pictures to the right.  We also learned that dropping back to take pictures means that you have to sprint to catch up with the subject of said picture- the problem is that sprinting at altitude is pretty much impossible for us flatlanders.

After our run we briefly walked around the Garden of the Gods. We quickly decided that we will be returning to Colorado in the future to run on the trails around the park.  It's an unbelievable setting, and it's easy to see why the park is a popular running destination.
Garden of the Gods

Tonight we reached Santa Fe, to meet D's nephew, J.E.   J.E. has already established that he's an excellent kicker and growing up at altitude should make him a running force to reckon with.  As for us, running at 7000 feet will be a bit of a challenge.  The plan for the moment is to take tomorrow off and run around Santa Fe the day after.  However, tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day here, so we'll see how well the plan goes...

Another view of Garden to the Gods

Inspiration and beauty everywhere

D's an uncle!!

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