Monday, January 30, 2012

D - Yesterday I ran 4 miles in 36 minutes - perfect recovery run.
Today - slept till right before I had to leave for work and rushed for the train... is that a workout?

On Friday I learned this fun little fruitstand style market was going closing down. Their landlord is putting up a highrise, so they will have to move. I've probably eaten more apples in the last month than the rest of my life combined thanks to them. It's sad to see them go.

As part of there closing they had a big 50% off sale where I ended up buying something I usually don't; Beef Jerky. For someone trying to cut down on how much meat I eat, it's a step backwards, but it's not your typical nitrate stuffed SlimJim. Steve's Original Paleo Kits use grassfed beef, mixed in with an assortment of nuts and berries. Weird at first, but it makes for a heck of a protien loaded snack. I also tried their dried wild blueberries - something I haven't seen before but really enjoyed. They also have a variety of vegetarian friendly options as well.

The best part about Steve's Original (in my book) is that its actually a fundraiser for a pretty cool non-profit. Steve's Club brings inner-city kids to the gym to add structure and physical fitness to their lives. It started in NJ but has been spreading pretty quickly.

While I wish there were more creative vegie options (and I'm writing to him about that), and that the products weren't so expensive, I'm still a huge fan. Everything I've had of his has been super tasty, and the non-profit supporting factor is just the icing.

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