Monday, January 2, 2012

D - 4 Miles ~ 37 minutes

I hope everyone's new years if off to a great start. C left today to see her family - but we're really excited about getting ready to head out west for our upcoming trip!

Despite quite a few awesome trips together, we've never managed to incorporate running. When we went to Switzerland, we were in a different city almost every day, and it involved a lot of lugging around giant backpacks and hiking to the top of very tall cathedrals.

In the Bahamas, our trip was shorter, so we opted to just relax.

Before that I hadn't really started running again, so we didn't go running. So, I am really excited to be adding Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada to our list of states we've run in. Not to mention, we'll be attempting a ten mile run with the fastest runner I'm friends with at Boulder's elevation

Hopefully I'll even get to meet my nephew... or very pregnant sister!

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