Saturday, January 21, 2012

Running late for dinner

D - Ran 5 miles with a backpack!

 A while back I ran to dodgeball, which turned out to be a great exercise in using running to... well actually get someplace. This Friday, after a week of running in the evening, I needed to cram a run in after work. The problem was I was meeting friends for dinner at 6ish.

I packed up my running backpack before work and, adding in a loop to get up to five miles, ran to the bar where we were getting dinner. This was great for cramming in a workout in a packed day, creating flexibility, and laughing when you realize you are literally running late to dinner.

I did learn that a bag slows me down quiet a bit, and I have to pay a lot more attention to my form, but otherwise it was pretty enjoyable. More importantly, I learned that sitting on a bar stool for an hour right after a run leads to very stiff legs and difficultly walking for a while.

The Hummus plate at Shays in Cambridge is a great after running snack

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