Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thinking about a Four-Legged Running Companion

C - 5 miles

Today's run was so much more fun than the last two.  This is not to say that it was fast, but I didn't feel particularly tired and I got an adrenaline rush mid-run.  I (again) refused to set or look at my watch, but based on the amount of podcast I got through, I probably did the run in just under 50 minutes (49? 48? I'll never know).  The important part is that I'm working through this mini-running-funk and am determined to come out of it charged and grinning.

My "practically perfect" former springer spaniel as a puppy.
Also, oh wonderful, understanding D, I think you should know that I saw a happy brittany spaniel running along with its owner today.  I'm writing about this because I would like to get a dog in the future, and D has wisely suggested (determined?) that we should only really consider breeds that can run with us without being prone to injury.  This limits breed choices considerably, and all but rules out my favorite - springer spaniels.  It's an imperfect breed with hip issues, but I love it.  My now deceased, "practically perfect" springer was full of trouble, but she was so friendly and happy she was impossible not to love.

Anyway, back to running dogs- I recognize that runners have to be really careful not to injury a dog by over running it.  I would simply love to have a dog that I could take on some of my shorter runs (no more than 5 miles or so).  Of course, when you add in the fact that my sister is allergic to most breeds, and D would like to rescue a dog, we're pretty much left with searching out labradoodle rescues.  Do they make vizsladoodles?  Regardless, I do love how the brittany face is an awful lot like the springer spaniel face.

File:Brittany Spaniel.jpg
Author Kjunstorm.  How can you not love that face??
One final thought of the day, thanks to Marathon Talk- Linda Somers Smith won the Chicago Marathon in 1992, with a time of 2:37:41.  She just beat that time this month at the US Olympic Marathon Trials in Houston, with a time of 2:37:36 (28th place) at age 50.  So no worrying about being too old to run, this is not a sport with serious age limits (if you need more examples or research, I've found plenty).


  1. Come run with Ingli! He's ready! (Sorry I'm late to the blog, but great job to you both!) Now seriously, come run Ingli.

  2. :) We will definitely take you up on the Ingli running date! I'm guessing he's quite the crazy running partner...