Sunday, January 1, 2012

"To all the runners who braved this... cool weather"

D modeling the yellow hat swag
 Happy New Years!

C and I just finished our first run/race of the new years, and the weather could not have been better! The course was pretty, relatively flat and fast (the winner was in the 15 minute range). The race had some great give aways - including a huge raffle off of prizes. We learned not to throw away our bibs right at the end of a race...

The quote of the day was from the race director "Thank you to all the runners who braved this... cool weather."

New Years (not ideal pre-race) Dinner

Another valuable lesson I learned is that a huge Indian dinner consisting of fried cheese before a race is a poor choice.  Also, I will still run till I puke.

But in Really Big News - C set her PR for the 5k. I can't think of a better way to start off the new years!

.. and now from C
23:44!!!!! - Sub 24 mission accomplished

OK first, YAY!  I knew I could run faster, and I did.  Still, I was wheezing, which was frustrating.  I was so sure that I was running too slow.  I don't get leg cramps, an angry stomach, etc... (knock on wood).  Instead, I struggle with breathing heavily.  So I'm happily taking my PR today, but I want to work on running more like a runner.  Oh, and now McMillan thinks I can run a half under 1:50 :)

We liked this 5k a lot.  The weather was perfect for running, the runners were in great spirits, and they had a decent food/drink spread after the race for a small race.  No water on the course, but otherwise a pretty great experience.

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